Erra and the Seven (A story in Lawyers in Hell)

Lawyers in HellErra and the Seven
(A story in Lawyers in Hell)

Divinity of hell!
When devils will the blackest sins put on,
They do suggest at first with heavenly shows,
As I do now.

– William Shakespeare, Othello

When Lysicles awoke, the light hurt his eyes.  So white and bright blazed this light, he could see nothing else.  Tears were streaming down his face; he could feel them on his cheeks.  He rubbed his face and his hand came away sticky.  Around him he heard moaning and groaning.  Then the moaning and groaning stopped; perhaps it was his.

Authors’ Commentary on “Erra and the Seven”

Lawyers in Hell Authors’ Commentary on
»Erra and the Seven,«
 a story in Lawyers in Hell

‘Is this Erebos, in the realm of Hades, amid the shadows between the world of the living and the world of the dead?’ Lysicles asks himself in the opening scene of “Erra and the Seven,” my story for Lawyers in Hell.  ‘Is this the crossroads where three roads meet:  the road to Tartaros; the road to Asphodel; and the road to Elysion?  If it is,’ Lysicles thinks, ‘souls are sent here to be judged and set on their deserved paths:  to Tartaros, whence there is no return and no relief; to Asphodel’s meadows, where stricken heroes wander who remember name and fame only by drinking blood; or to the fields of honor on the isle of Elysion, where bliss and loved ones wait.

Perry Rhodan Reboot - Why it Needs to be in English

Rastatt, we have a problemPerry Rhodan Reboot -
Why it Needs to be in English


zur deutschen Version Perry Rhodan is claimed to be the most successful Science Fiction series ever. When it started back in 1961, no one knew how successful it would be. I suspect if the original writers had known how well it would do, they probably would have run screaming...

Perry Rhodan has always had one huge disadvantage, and that is the lack of a timely English translation.

Theo Khthonios (A story in Lawyers in Hell)

Lawyers in HellTheo Khthonios
(A story in Lawyers in Hell)

The spear bites low and deep, slipping between bronze and leather to skewer his hip.  He stumbles.  The enemy surges forward.  A wicker shield catches him off balance; a second spear shatters on the brow of his Corinthian helmet.  “Zeus Savior and Ares!” he bellows; faces loom over him – cruel Asiatics with curled and blood-blasted beards, lips peeled back in snarls of hate.  They had paid dearly for this.  Oh, yes.  They had paid the butcher’s bill, a hecatomb of blood and flesh for every man among them.  He falls to his knees, hears his own men cry out his name:  “Leonidas!”

Time slows.  A tracery of clouds veil the face of the sun, creating bands of light and shadow across the stony face of Mount Kallidromos.  Colors flare and sharpen:  the purple of Persian tunics, the gleam of scale and bronze, the warm chestnut of leather … all nearly hidden by a pall of blood.  Time’s flow resumes with a scream of rage.

Authors’ Commentary on “Theos Khthonios”

Lawyers in Hell Authors’ Commentary on
»Theos Khthonios,«
 a story in Lawyers in Hell

On the morning of the third day at Thermopylae, as the Spartans were preparing for their deaths at the hands of the invading Persians, King Leonidas went among his men; according to Plutarch, he gave them one last command as they broke their fast: "Eat hearty, for tonight we dine in Hades."

The phrase itself is pure Laconian: short, punchy, and tinged with the sort of gallows humor Spartans enjoyed.  But it's the idea behind it that inspired my short tale:

Authors’ Commentary on “Remember, Remember, Hell in November”

Lawyers in Hell Authors’ Commentary on
»Remember, Remember, Hell in November,«
 a story in Lawyers in Hell

Writing and Remembering in Hell
I fell into the Lawyers in Hell project almost as one falls into hell itself; suddenly, unexpectedly, and incredibly. How I came to know and collaborate with Janet Morris was simple happenstance, if you believe in that sort of thing, or fate, which I am more inclined to accept. I had been leaving comments and referencing quotes on The Sacred Band web site and facebook page and had caught Janet’s attention. This being her other  series of stories and novels that I have loved reading over the years, I was happy to contribute what I could and thrilled to be able to correspond with her.

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