The Fandom Explosion - Part One

The Polygedral Universe The Fandom Explosion
Part One

zur deutschen Übersetzung Table top games as we know them today originated as family games meant to be played at home, usually around the dinner table.  Aside from strategic or tactical games, such as chess or Avalon Hill’s Diplomacy, their content mirrored the society or culture in which they were created.  Parker Brothers’ Monopoly, for example, was created during the Depression in the 1930’s and reflected America’s struggle to cope with the financial woes and fears and reflected people’s desire for a better life.

E-Zines and Web-Zines and Blogs - Oh, My!

Zauberwort - The editorialE-Zines and Web-Zines and Blogs 
Oh, My!

zur deutschen Version I have been blessed to have had a front row seat to the information revolution and evolution. 

In the middle of the 1950’s my father was a computer programmer for the (then) exciting world of Univac and Eniac and giant computers that required whole buildings and massive air conditioning systems to keep their huge vacuum tubes from overheating. 

Programming back then was as much physical as it was mental.

Fantasy Alfreda Bekkera

Alfred BekkerTrojsvazková fantasy sága Gorian od Alfreda Bekkera (Blanvalet: Odkaz čepelí/ Strážci magie/ Říše zimy) vyjde v českém jazyce u nakladatelství Grada.

První a druhý svazek vyjdou na podzim 2011, třetí svazek na jaře 2012.

Nakladatelství představí ságu Gorian od 20 do 21. října 2011 na 21. Podzimním knižním veletrhu v Havlíčkově Brodě (Česká republika). 

Více zde.

Foto: Alfred Bekker

... John Theesfeld on Steampunk, Dr. Monocle and modern ways of promotion

John Theesfeld ... John Theesfeld ...
... on Steampunk, Dr. Monocle and modern ways of promotion

Zur deutschen Übersetzung A steampunk-ebook completly free - with a big game hunter named Dr. Monocle as hero ...

Creator of all this is John Thessfeld. His website is a huge plaid of pictures, texts and illustrations. He appears everywhere, yet he takes a back seat, with Dr. Monocle, his creation, in the front.

DThe interview with him became very interesting and we are curious to find out, if his idea of promoting his book turns out to be successful.

... Peter S. Beagle ... on Rings, scripts and awards

Peter S. Beagle... Peter S. Beagle ...
... on rings, scripts and awards

zur deutschen Version For quite a while Peter S. Beagle had been a red rag to me, because he wrote the screenplay for the animated version of the ›Lord of the Rings‹. And I didn't like that film. Peter S. Beagle also dared to not tell my favorite episodes in the appropriate epic.

Now Peter S. Beagle will soon be given the World Fantasy Award for his lifetime achievement. So, this is a good occasion
to ask him a few questions (of course about the Lord of the Rings as well) and to congratulate him ...

Erra and the Seven (A story in Lawyers in Hell)

Lawyers in HellErra and the Seven
(A story in Lawyers in Hell)

Divinity of hell!
When devils will the blackest sins put on,
They do suggest at first with heavenly shows,
As I do now.

– William Shakespeare, Othello

When Lysicles awoke, the light hurt his eyes.  So white and bright blazed this light, he could see nothing else.  Tears were streaming down his face; he could feel them on his cheeks.  He rubbed his face and his hand came away sticky.  Around him he heard moaning and groaning.  Then the moaning and groaning stopped; perhaps it was his.
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