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Who and what we are ... and why we do what we do

Zauberspiegel - Information in EnglishWho and what we are ...
...and why we do what we do

First of all - welcome!
Here is the Zauberspiegel. What is it?

This page is for all of our friends and visitors who don't speak German, yet read English, and want to know more about us, the Zauberspiegel.

Have a look around and don't hesitate to ask questions. We'll answer...

The Zauberspiegel on Facebook: facebook.com/zauberspiegel

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What are we doing here?
Nothing improper. The Zauberspiegel is a non-profit multi-media tribute to the "suspense genre" in all its forms.

As an online fanzine
this site covers topics on the suspense genre on a primary (in the form of stories, novels and poems) and secondary (articles, columns, reviews) basis. The phrase "suspense genre" is - more or less - a phrase we created to combine various genres. Focusing on horror, fantasy, SF, adventure, crime & thriller or frontiert topics we offer articles on all various forms of these genres, including Heftroman (sort of dime novels), books, audio, movies, games.

Sequels such as Perry Rhodan, John Sinclair, Jerry Cotton and Lassiter are part of our repertoire, as much Tolkien, Robert E. Howard, Henning Mankell, Robert A. Heinlein, Louis Lamour and Rebecca Gable and corresponding TV series (from  Western series like "The Virginian", modern crime series like CSI, he Pretender to Fringe, Star Trek and Hercules) and movies (from the B-horror movies of the 30's to the technical spectacles of the 3rd millennium).
We pulish on a dailly basis, both reviews and articles.
This site is maintained by fans and volunteers during their spare time.

We hope you enjoy your time here, contact with us and the things we are perhaps doing together.
Bettina Meister and Horst von Allwörden (editors)

What Zauberspiegel-online stands for
Literally translated, the word stands for "Magicalmirror-online". Of course we didn't choose this name by random, a few history can be found here.

The Editors The editors - The co-workers
Bettina Meister and Horst Hermann von Allwörden are the editors of Zauberspiegel-online. We would be literally nothing here without the friends who devote a lot of their time and energy on making the Zauberspiegel possible. So, as editors we say thank you! As we already saied, the Zauberspiegel is made by a bunch of people. If you want to know their names, please read here (at least some of them are their) or press the buttom »Impressum« inthe Main Menu.

Getting into contact with the Zauberspiegel-Team is easy, just write to:

  • info (at) zauberspiegel-online.de


The mission
Calling all plans "a mission" has become a very popular phrase, even though it often covers nothing but the simple fact "why we do what we do".

Whom do we want to reach?
The question can be answered far better by mentioning who is not our audience. If you are only interested in one particular subject, know nothing except your one and only Star Trek universe, Perry Rhodan, or some other very very particular thing, and think nothing else matters in Science Fiction and everything else is bad and inferior, this isn't the right place for you. If you  think nobody else but Tolkien or George Martin matters in Fantasy, Audio is the only media worth talking about or your opinion is the only one relevant, you better should't read our pages. There are excellent pages, boards and printmedias for specialists on virtually every subject, where you will more likely find what you are looking for.
We want to write for those whose interests are more diverse, the  "Allroundfan" who wants to discover new things, dares to be surprised and wants to look beyond his own horizon.
We look for people who are open to more than just a series or genre. These will hopefully have a good time here, enjoy themselves and hopefully come back - as reader, fan or co-worker.

Is Zauberspiegel online something entirely new?
The Zauberspiegel existed since 1982, in those days not as online magazine, though. A brief overview of the history of the magic mirror  can be found here (nker). And since Jürgen "Dan Shocker" was our namesake, learn more about it in As Time Goes By #35 "And the title is ..." (The part of the column on fandomexperiences by editor Horst von Allwörden). Yet it exists as an online fanzine since 2007.
A short overview of the history of the Zauberspiegel  
  • Dan Shocker's Fantastik ClubAutumn 1981 - The "Aktionsgruppe 2000", a regional group of Shocker's Dan Fantastik Club 'Marlo' was formed. Foundationmembers were Norbert Aichele, Dröge Jörn Möller, Heinrich Dammann and Horst Hermann von Allwörden. Plans for the publication of a fanzine were made. Plannings were fast, but the group lacked a title.
  • January 1982 - At a meeting of the regional groups of Dan Shocker's Club Fantastik 'Marlo' in Dan Shockers home in the Wetterau, the master himself gives the fanzine a title and calls it "Zauberspiegel".
  • March 1982 - The first issue is "born" (36 pages)
  • July 1982 - The "Aktionsgruppe" hosts the Marlos Con and the second issue of the Zauberspiegel (36 pages) is pulished.
  • December 1982 - Because the regional group did not achieve the necessary feedback in its local area (the number 2000 referred to the postal code area of Northern Germany) and an increasing number of people were interested in the issues, the HFC "sons of the Magician" was established, which served as editor for four numbers if the Zauberspiegel. Heads of this club were NorbertAichele and Horst von Allwörden.
  • August 1983 - Zauberspiegel-extra No. 1 "Jagor, Skullsplitter" by Peter Michael published
  • October 1983 - The "sons of the Magician" resolve. The Zauberspiegel now is a free club fanzine without bonds
  • August 1984 - After a creative break Zauberspiegel is back with number 7 (80 pages).
  • March 1987 - The Zauberspiegel is increasing in pages. The existing articles have outrun the capacities of a fanzine in those days. Fellow magazines are being founded "Zauberstern" (editor: Petra Köhpcke) and "Zauberbuchstabe" (editors: Volker Sorge and Lutz Bolte). Then followed special editions "Zaubergalerie" (collections of pictures) and "Zauberwald" (novels)
  • At the same time Zauberspiegel celebrated its 5th anniversary with the biggest single number of 168 pages. 
  • 1989/90 - Binding gets cheaper and thus it becomes possible for the Zauberspiegel to reintegrate the fellow-magazines. The Zauberspiegel is being published with over 300 pages
  • 1990 - Following number 24, Zauberspiegel as printmagazine is being discontinued.
  • 1999-2001 - A comeback attempt as printzine failed due to financing questions of printed fanzines, initial plans for an online service
  • May 31st 2007 - 25 years after its start as a print magazine, Zauberspiegel-online is relaunched as an online fanzine in the worldwide web
  • November 2007 - Zauberspiegel has included a new feature: Zauberspiegel-News, a blog for news and information from the universe of suspense.
  • May 2008 - 1. Anniversary of Zauberspiegel-online.
  • February 2nd 2009 - Our friend, co-worker and a source of inspiration Horst Hübner succumbs to cancer. Definitely a big loss ...
  • May 2010 - 3rd Anniversary of the online-version of Zauberspiegel.
  • June 2010 - We have had 1.000.000 visitors online ... On the next million.
  • Sept. 2010 - It is even easier now to "LIKE" us - simply press "like it" on Facebook. We joined the world of Facebook. Visit us
  • October 17th 2010 -We are constantly getting more contact with international authors, publishers, fans ... For all of you who want to know more about us, we have issued this informational article. 
  • March 2011 - We launch a new part of the Zauberspiegel-universe: The Zauberspiegel-Junior. This site specializes on subjects for children and growing-ups. It offers a great way for young adults to experience writing articles and reviews, doing interviews.
  • March/April 2011 - Together with the new Junior-site, we relaunched the site in some general aspects. Reviews, News and international now have seperat startingpages, making orientation easier.


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