The Joy of Music - FilKONtario, the Filk Hall of Fame, & Ohio Vally Filk Fest and

Ju HOnisch - Guest of Honor The Joy of Music
FilKONtario, the Filk Hall of Fame, & Ohio Vally Filk Fest and Convention
Some news for German Filk Fans. Word was received today that Meg Davis, who was scheduled to be the Guest of Honor for FilKONtario 22 is unable to attend due to health problems. Everyone wishes Meg a speedy recovery.

The FilKONtario ConCom is working on new arrangements, which will be published on the FilKONtario website, and we will have an update here as soon as possible.

... »Muse« Sarah Hulcy on the bunch of Heroes in Hell, Janet Morris and the contest

Sarah Hulcy... »Muse« Sarah Hulcy ...
... on the bunch of Heroes in Hell, Janet Morris and the contest

zur deutschen Version Together with Janet Morris and her »bunch« around the Heroes-in-Hell series, we have launched a context »Whom do you ...«

To give you a short glimpse of what the Heroes-in-Hell group is about, we invited one of them to have an interview with us: Sarah Snyder Gray Hulcy. Her importance is beyond messure - so the group calls her »Muse«. There actually is no better person for an interview on the »Heroes-in-Hell«-group.

Coming Autumn 2012: What Scares the Boogeyman

John Henry Fuseli's The Nightmare painted in 1781Coming Autumn 2012:
What Scares the Boogeyman

Here’s something that should have horror fans shivering in their boots. John Manning is editing an anthology titled “What Scares the Boogeyman” for Perseid Publishing!

Since John is a friend of mine, I prevailed upon him to send me some of the stories he has accepted for publication. Folks, you are in for a treat!

Memories of Anne McCaffrey

Anne McCaffreyMemories of Anne McCaffrey

Anne McCaffrey’s Dragon books hold a place in my heart among the books that first drew me to Science Fiction. Anne, along with the Burroughs Mars books, the Heinlein juveniles and Andre Norton defined my early reading.

The Pern books were that blend of science fiction and fantasy which I have always loved, and the relationship between the dragons and their riders reminded me of the bond I felt with my horses -- perfect communication with a living creature, but without the necessity of words.

FilKONtario 22

Wayne BoreanFilKONtario 22

In September the FilKONtario Convention Committee held the first meeting towards organizing FilKONtario 22. FilKONtario is one of the largest Filk Cons in North America, and the largest in Canada (your correspondent is one of the founding concom, and is married to the original con chair, who is on this years con committee).
Filk is the musical part of Science Fiction and Fantasy fandom. Instruments are usually portable (and small enough to fit in the overhead storage on an airplane).



The detective story is a game. It is more--it is a sporting event. And the author must play fair with the reader. He can no more resort to trickeries and deceptions and still retain his honesty than if he cheated in a bridge game. He must outwit the reader, and hold the reader's interest, through sheer ingenuity. For the writing of detective stories there are very definite laws--unwritten, perhaps, but none the less binding: and every respectable and self-respecting concocter of literary mysteries lives up to them. 
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