Memories of Anne McCaffrey

Anne McCaffreyMemories of Anne McCaffrey

Anne McCaffrey’s Dragon books hold a place in my heart among the books that first drew me to Science Fiction. Anne, along with the Burroughs Mars books, the Heinlein juveniles and Andre Norton defined my early reading.

The Pern books were that blend of science fiction and fantasy which I have always loved, and the relationship between the dragons and their riders reminded me of the bond I felt with my horses -- perfect communication with a living creature, but without the necessity of words.

Anne McCaffreyI always sensed that Anne knew and understood horses but it wasn’t until I had the good fortune to meet her at the World Science Fiction convention in the Hague that my theory was proved correct. There I learned that Anne kept horses at her farm in Ireland and loved these magical creatures. We talked horses as only two horse crazy women can talk, through most of that party. At the end she invited me to “visit anytime and ride.” Alas, I never had the opportunity to take her up on that offer.

She also had a great love of music which winds its way throughout her books as a leitmotif, and eventually became the dominate theme in books like THE MASTERHARPER OF PERN. It was another love we shared.

Melinda M. SnoodgrassI had studied opera in Vienna, Austria, and THE SHIP WHO SANG touched me deeply. It’s one of the few reading experiences that actually brought me to tears, but such was Anne’s ability to touch the deepest human emotions.

Science fiction in particular and the world in general is a poorer place with the passing of Anne McCaffrey, but her books will remain for future generations to enjoy. Dragons will fly and unleash the imaginations of young women, and ships will sing, and celebrate human love.

Thank you, Anne, for so many hours of joy.

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