Coming Autumn 2012: What Scares the Boogeyman

John Henry Fuseli's The Nightmare painted in 1781Coming Autumn 2012:
What Scares the Boogeyman

Here’s something that should have horror fans shivering in their boots. John Manning is editing an anthology titled “What Scares the Boogeyman” for Perseid Publishing!

Since John is a friend of mine, I prevailed upon him to send me some of the stories he has accepted for publication. Folks, you are in for a treat!

What Scares the Boogeyman will be published in the Autumn of 2012. Halloween may never be the same. Some of the stories John has accepted and issued contracts for are:

  • The Fear of the Lord – Robert M. Price
  • The Road to Afghanistan – David Conyers 

  • Failure to Comply – Michael H. Hanson
  • The Testament of Tuff – C. Dean Andersson

I also know about some of the ones that haven’t had contracts signed yet. All I can say about those is that you will be blown away, totally and utterly blown away. I mean what can you do with Bad Mustard?


Wayne Borean

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