Awakening Evarun …

Awakening EvarunAwakening Evarun …

zur deutschen Übersetzung … is the prelude to my Epic Fantasy Trilogy, Prophecy of the Evarun, the first part of which, Veil of the Dragon, is scheduled to be released in May.

Awakening Evarun is written as a serial, with each part being released every 6-8 weeks, like the old dime store cliff hanger novels they used to have long ago.

It’s also illustrated.

Awakening Evarun Part 1 I tend to sketch as I write - for me the two acts are inseparable - and each one of the chapter illustrations in Evarun is but one concept I have as the story evolves. Some match the story perfectly. Some don’t, which I kind of like. It reminds me that what I see isn’t always what the reader is going to see.  It reminds me it’s not just my story.

The world of Evarun, or more commonly known as the Pale, is a world that suffers. Ruled by the wizards and their dragons, the people of the Pale have descended into madness where the only hope of relief is death.

That is until one man, Talus, is raised from the dead to save them. Assisted and sometimes tested by the Angels who saved him he sets about raising the dead – twelve from across the Pale – to help him defeat the dragons and their wizards and put an end to the greatest evil ever known.

Veil of the Dragon, First Book of the Prophecy of the Evarun, takes up the story one hundred years later, when what hope had been gained has already been lost, and the evil long since forgotten has returned.

  My own background is an Artist, turned Architect, who is finally getting around to finishing those stories I started writing when I sat on my front porch as a kid.

I started writing Veil of the Dragon about nine years ago, with three pages of dialogue between what would become the two main characters.  Since then, most of that time has just been spent learning the craft.  Over the last two years I have taken that learning, and shaped it into a novel that I think is pretty good.

Most recently, I am thrilled to say that Janet and Chris Morris, Authors of “The Sacred Band” have asked me to write for their “Heroes of Hell” series. 

Through all of this I’ve learned a lot about balance. But mostly I just wrote. I wrote because I couldn’t not. I wrote because I wanted to tell a story that I started way before, with my paintings, with my poetry, and even earlier before that, sitting around a table with my friends, slaying dragons.

I hope you enjoy the story as much as I do.

Tom Barczak

You can find me on Facebook under Thomas Paul Barczak

Awakening Evarun
Part I of VI (still available)
(Part I one is also available in the Zauberspiegel)
Part II of VI (still available)
Part III of VI (still available)
Part IV of VI (still available)
Part V of VI (now available)
Part VI of VI (will be avaiable in april 2012)

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