Win a story especially for yourself - You send to hell ...

Win a storyAnd the winner of a story is -
You send to hell ...
We present the winners

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In the next volume of "Adventurers in Hell" Janet and Chris Morris will write a story that contains the character you suggested.

Starting Dec 1st 2011, we gave you the chance to add to the next volume of the Hell-series. The contest ended Dec 23rd 2011, 23:59 central european time.

What you had to do: Write a text of 200-400 words on the subject: Why should this particular character be the main character or supporting character (depending on the characters sent) in a story in Hell?

The number of words was not necessarily the criteria to be chosen, but rather the person itself and the reason why.

The prizes are a real treat:

  • The winner is Matthew Kirshenblatt
    He sends Friedrich Nietzsche to hell
    • His prize: Janet and Chris Morris write a story on the chosen characterfor the next volume of the Hell-Series and a signed book of the present latest book.

  • The second prize went to Harald Weber
    He sends Florian Geyer von Giebelstadt to hell
    • His prize: a signed book of the present latest book and we will try to get this character in the book by another author.

  • The third prize Becky "Pestilence" Bhan
    She sends Papst Innocent VIII. to hell
    • Her prize: a signed book of the present latest book.
All proposals were sent to this emailadress: Hell(at)

The jury existed of: Janet Morris, editor, Chris Morris, and the "Muse of Hell": Sarah Snyder Gray Hulcy.

No author that has ever added a story to the Hell-series took part, neither did the editors of Zauberspiegel or employees of Perseid Publishing and Kerlak Publishing. 

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