Free ebook: Janet Morris - Beyond Sanctuary

Beyond SanctuaryFree ebook:
Janet Morris - Beyond Sanctuary

Janet Morris, American author of fiction and nonfiction books, is - in the area of fiction - best known for her "Sacred Band of Stepsons" and the series "Heroes in Hell".

For all of you who have read the interviews and always wondered what the Sacred Band and especially Tempus Thales is about - here is your ultimate chance:

From now on until May 17th 2012 the free download of "Beyond Sacntuary" is available via Amazon.

"Beyond Sanctuary" is not only the first independent novel from the iconic series "Thieves' World", not only a story from the world of Greek mythology, but also the novel where Tempus Thales appears for the first time.

Download the Kindle-ebook version of "Beyond Sanctuary" FREE for a limited time (english-language version only) - download in the US and in Germany.

Janet Morris on the book:  We're thrilled at the response to ths book, the first "Author's Cut" novel to be reissued. Totally revised and expanded, you can now read "Beyond Sanctuary" exactly as we want it. As for this one-and-only Kindle giveaway, May 15-17, as Leonidas said to the Persians: "Come and get them!" -- Life to you, and everlasting glory from Tempus and the Sacred Band of Stepsons.

Tell us if you liked the book, what did you think about Tempus and his "bunch"?

Bild: Cover Beyond Sanctuary, Perseid Publishing

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