Peter Jackson: Rob Kazinsky steigt aus Hobbit aus

Peter jackson Regisseur  Peter Jackson (Brain Dead, King Kong) nutzt Facebook für Neuigkeiten rund um The Hobbit. Diesmal hat er den Ausstieg des Fili-Darstellers Rob Kazinsky (East Enders, Law & Order: Los Angeles) kund getan und zu wissen gegeben. Er schrieb:

I am sad to report that Rob Kazinsky, who was cast in the role of Fili, is having to leave The Hobbit and return home, for personal reasons. Rob has been terrific to work with and his enthusiasm and infectious sense of humour will be missed by all of us. I should say that Rob’s departure will not affect ongoing filming of The Hobbit, nor will it impact work done to date, as we had yet to film much of Fili’s storyline. At the moment we are shooting scenes featuring Bilbo without the Dwarves, which will give us time to find a new Fili. I’ll keep everyone posted with updates as they come.
Cheers, Peter J

Via Twitter ergänzte der Schauspieler:

Thanks for all your support, Peter and team have been the most wonderful and supportive team to work for and it’s with a truly sad heart that things have turned out this way. The Hobbit will go on to be as great as i’ve seen and I will miss the family and friends that i’ve here, from every disaster i’ve tried to make an opportunity. “john d rokerfeller”

Da darf man auf den Ersatz gespannt sein ...
Bild: Peter Jackson (2009) aus der Wikipedia

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