The disconnect. The disassociation. The awareness. The silence.

Zee Zaks Zombieszur deutschen Übersetzung What is it about being a zombie that sets us apart? Why, why zombies? What is it about them that intrigues us such to the point, that we are willing to accept and identify with the idea, the culture, the concept of being a zombie?

The disconnect. The disassociation. The awareness. The silence.

The fast paced realm of existence in today's society that breeds corporate greed, that extols the virtues of existential entitlement, that roils in the muck and mire of exploitive exhaustive competitiveness, that feeds on the rampant desire to consume.


The collective spin that drives each unit, each member of this realm of the living - that is what continues to spiral out of control.

Nature exists in a state of balance, a balance that continually changes, rapidly or over generations or millennia; but ultimately, it changes to suit its need. Survival is more than just a base instinct; it’s a wiring codex that adapts to situations. Conformity, uniformity is the one way to continue to meet the demand for the species as a whole. Differentiation and deviation are the ways of chaos, of discord, of a return to the slime, the primordial ooze from which the species was spat out.

We are all zombies, in one way or another. We are all part of the same breed, the same cut, the same reference point upon which we individually and collectively base our existence, our framework of multi-cellular being. The society of the living is programming its constituents with the skills and tools to continue its own existence indefinitely, attempting to re-write the very building blocks that hearken to within their souls. The pillage of identities, of uniqueness quietly splayed out upon the electronic highway and byway of today's world. Both on and off the Net, the living are a collection of souls, trapped by the essence of what we attribute to the machine, and are thus done by in return. All are the machine, as much as the machine is more than the sum of its parts.

We are not one mind. We are not a society or civilization that exists as a unified entity. We are individuals, we are thinkers and doers and nonsense makers. We are noisy, we are dirty, we are full of energy, but collectively, we are unfocused, dissolute. We breed in the open, we breed behind closed doors, we breed night and day unstopped.

We breathe the air around us that is slowly killing us. We drink the sewer water that is forced down our throats. We accept the ideologies that are imprinted upon our personas. We foul our surroundings merely to continue the febrile existence that we cling to and consider something worth hoping for; and yet we let brother or sister fade from sight because something else has caught our fancy for the moment.


We are zombie. Unmitigated, uncontrolled, unbridled fury and passion - the constant desire to keep moving on, to consume unreservedly.

We are zombie. Unparalleled, unsatisfied, unimportant cogs within the great machine of existence that plods on throughout time without recourse or rancor.

We are zombie. Underground, underrepresented, under the thumb of the living that constantly threaten and are threatened in return by our very existence, by the very thought of our existence.

We are zombie, and by that extent, we are the wave of the future, un-living, unloved, and unrelenting. Our purpose is a return to peace, to maintain the balance of existence, to fan the fires of solidarity and communality. To fight for the unique as part of the whole, equal and separate. To drive the species back to the beginning and ignite the fire of what made us what we are today.

We do not stop.

We are never done.

We are the next level.

We are zombie, we are rage…and we are hungry for more!

Are you…?

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