Mowll, Joshua - Operation Storm City (Guild Trilogy)

Operation Storm CityOperation Storm City (Guild Trilogy)
by Joshua Mowll
288 pages, 7,99€
June 2009
ISBN: 978-1406311327

Walker Books

Zur deutschen Version After I reading volumes 1 and 2 (in German) of the trilogy about the adventures of Becca and Doug (two teenagers in the 1920's), I didn't wanted to wait for the volume three being published in German, and tried the third volume in English from the publisher Walker Books .

In fact, I succeeded. As expected, the (so far?) last part of the adventures about search for the parents of the two teenagers, was no disappointment. Since Mowll has also designed the book  for young people, reading the original English version is no problem for
for a non-english  reader with some basic language skill. Apart from being well written, it is entertaining and interesting, exciting and very attractive.

The equipment in paperback is not as fascinating as the German edition from publisher Dressler (see review of Volume 1 - in German only), but this does this not take a quota off from the book being simply great.

Both the story itself, the ideas of Mowll and the wonderful illustrationals again make this book  real eyecandy. This begins with sketches from Doug, made during the adventure, continues with  alleged "original" photographs from the archives of the Guild of Specialists and does not end with the constructionplans (in this volume, I noticed particularly the retractable throne, and - like so often - found myself wondering whether this construction was made up by Mowll or in fact existed somewhere).

One can't help but wonders how authentic many descriptions and informations in the story really are. I already mentioned in my earlier reviews that I found myself sitting in front of the computer, checking the internet for the "true story", only finding out that Mowll did a great job ... he manages to create a whole universe within the known surrounding of the world and times between the two wars. Finding out how wonderfully designed this world is, only adds to the great respect I have, reading the books by Joshua Mowll.

In the interview (in German only) we had with Joshua Mowll it is among other things, the wealth of detail of the books of Trlogie.

Although as reader one knows that the story is slowly coming to an end and expects the  revelation of the various secrets, Mowll manages to surprise by unexpected turns, through which the tension is maintained and one reaches the climax without a moment of boredom.

This makes volume three of the Guild Chronicles a wonderful book to read, and even though I am not sure if the general idea wouldn't wear out when being continued, I think I would love to read more.

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